Logitech Connect Camera Addis Ababa


Logitech Connect Camera Ethiopia

For small business owners who wish an on-demand video conferencing solution will surely love the Logitech Connect Camera. The small line baton has everything you require to set up instant video and voice calls at only 766 grams. You see, it is very lightweight to be transported off-site so you can astound your clients.



Logitech Connect Camera in Addis Ababa

The Connect is created for huddle rooms with at least six individuals, and its wide 90 degrees field of view offers better coverage. It is a portable, and transportable video conference solution for those small groups collaboration, along with a high-definition 1080 video, multi-device connectivity, and 360 degrees sound. If you are looking for thorough information about Logitech’s ConferenceCam Connect in Ethiopia, you are undoubtedly lucky! In this post, we will present you with everything you need to know about this ground-breaking product.

The groundbreaking design refers to the 766 grams cylindrical device, which is almost the similar shape and size of the containers utilized for packing costly single-malt whiskey. The upper aluminum-clad part has a full high definition camera, noise-canceling microphones, and full-duplex echo on opposite portions of the cylinder. The matte-black fabric that is enclosed the bottom portion houses speakers which offer a 360 degrees sound in a twelve feet diameter. You will also find a circular status LED which glows blue once the devices are turned one and if you are in a call. It will give a red color if you mute the mic.

logitech connect camera EthiopiaVideo and Audio Features of Connect Camera

  • Noise canceling and acoustic echo technology
  • Omni-directional full duplex mics
  • 360 degrees audio along with a twelve-foot range
  • 4 times digital zoom in full high definition
  • 90 degrees field of view along with tilt/digital pan and mechanical tilt wheel
  • 264 UVC 1.5 along with SVC (Scalable Video Coding)
  • HD 1080 video quality at thirty frames per second


You will find 4 touch controls on the upper portion of the ConferenceCam Connect. There are wireless screen mirroring, Bluetooth modes, and a power ON/OFF controls in the center, surrounded by the controls for changing between conferencing-video.

Even though it is tall, the device is weighted very well and a rubberized ring located on the underside aids to keep it in place.


The 1080 camera, lying towards the top features a 90 degrees field of view. What’s more, it also boasts a glass Zeiss lens along with autofocus. You can find a mechanical tilt wheel lies only below the lens. Much handy is the remote control that slots magnetically into the recess, which covers the touch controls and lens. It offers safety for the former the endpoint isn’t in use.


In a ten feet range, you can utilize the remote to pan digitally, end calls, make/answer calls, mute the microphone, adjust the volume, tilt and zoom up to four times. Video bandwidth on the connected laptops is preserved big thanks to the built-in hardware support of the camera. The quality of the image is remarkable as well under an excellent array of lighting conditions.


Chromebooks, Macs, and PCs can connect to the ConferenceCam Connect through a USB along with two meters Micro-USB to full-size USB cable that is supplied within the box. Furthermore, mobile devices can utilize the ConferenceCam Connect to serve as an external wireless speakerphone through a Bluetooth connection. Along with NFC support, it also makes pairing super simpler for compliant devices.

One good feature of this device is that it has another mobile device trick up its sleeve. That’s huge thanks to the HDMI video-out port. It also supports Miracast technology, allowing you to deliver content like websites, videos, spreadsheets, or presentations wirelessly from your smartphone of this class, Windows version 8.1 or later and the Android version 4.3 or later are supported. However, iPhones and iPads are excluded in this case. That’s mainly because Apple adopts the exclusive AirPlay standard.

The ConferenceCam Connect could be powered either in a portable mode via an internal battery or through an AC adapter. The internal battery is sufficient for three hours of screen mirroring or video conferencing. in contrast, if you prefer to talk in a speaker mode, you can expect to work it for fifteen hours. Normally, with this kind of portable device, you will find a Kensington lock slot.

The Logitech Video Conferencing EthiopiaLogitech ConferenceCam Connect is optimized for Microsoft Lync 2013. It is also Skype certified and compatible along with WebEx and Cisco’s Jabber. Nonetheless, according to Logitech, it will work along with any video conferencing software. This is composed of widely utilized applications such as Zoom, Vidyo, Google Hangouts, Blue Jeans, and Citrix GoToMeeting.

The ConferenceCam Connect is not just cheap though. However, taking into consideration the quality of its construction and design, video and audio performance, as well as the flexibility when it comes off screen mirroring support and battery-powered operation, it is an excellent value for anyone’s money.