GRANDSTREAM GXP2200 EXT Addis Ababa Ethiopia



High-Performance phone expansion module in Granstream Ethiopia. XP2200EXT delivers additional functionality, versatility, and flexibility to Grandstream GXP2200 enterprise IP phone. The GXP2200EXT module features a large 128 x 384 graphic LCD and 20 programmable buttons (each with dual color LED). In addition, it allows up to 40 extensions per module by using the 2 page switch keys and up to 160 buttons when 4 extension modules are daisy-chained together. The GXP2200EXT module is connected, powered, and controlled by the GXP2200, providing the benefits of the additional keys instantly.



Grandstream Expansion Module GXP2200EXT can significantly Increase power and flexibility when working with the  Grandstream Phone GXP2200. Grandstream GXP2200EXT module is equipped with a large graphic LCD display with a resolution of 128 x 384 and 20 dual-color programmable keys.Thus a single module allows to enable direct access to the  40  users using a two-mode. It support up to to 160 when the four modules in a chain one after the other. Connection, power supply and control module is carried out directly from the  GXP2200 phone.

Expansion module for each programmable key supports all major phone features such as call hold on one phone for admission to other (SCA) / transfer a call to another phone (BLA), indication of a busy line (BLF), parking, call pickup, speed dial , presence status, intercom and conference / transfer / forwarding.

Module GXP2200EXT – is the ideal solution for the office with a large number of calls or workplace secretary. Using the expansion module GXP2200EXT significantly increases the productivity of office operations, allowing to efficiently control and manage the flow of calls.

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  • Daisy chain of 4 modules allows us to serve up to 160 programmable keys
  • Large graphic LCD display with a resolution of 128 x 384 provides high quality perception